University of KwaZulu-Natal UKZN QPA

By | February 3, 2018

University of KwaZulu-Natal UKZN QPA

The most common way of eliciting student feedback is by administering questionnaires. The members of Quality Promotion and Assurance (QPA) are available to support the process of choosing the questionnaire, to analyse student responses, generate a report which is sent to the lecturer concerned and his/her Head of School, and provide follow-up support and development when requested.

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There are two types of student feedback questionnaire –


1. The QPA Student Feedback questionnaire. There are two options to administer this questionnaire –

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2. The PG supervision feedback questionnaire (available below). Please read the Guide to Postgraduate student research supervision feedback using questionnaires (available below) before proceeding with the evaluation.

Information regarding the new traffic light rating and weighting system for student evaluation reports can be found below. It is anticipated that this system will be available for first semester paper-based reports, provided the 15 core questions are used.
The procedures and guidelines for Student Evaluation, as well as the policy on Quality Promotion and Assurance, can be found here:

For any queries or support please contact:

Mrs Rani Chunder

Ext 8126



New Traffic Light Rating and Weighting System Nov2014.docx26 Nov 201423.39 KBDownload
Editing teacher guide to using the QPA course evaluation option in Moodle.pdf27 Mar 2015738.55 KBDownload
How to Access and Download your QPA Student Feedback Report.pdf14 Jul 2015703.89 KBDownload
Guide to Postgraduate Student Research Supervision Feedback Using Questionnaire (SENATE19Aug15).pdf12 Feb 201636.48 KBDownload
PG Supervision Feedback Questionnaire.doc03 Sep 2015101.50 KBDownload
Guide to Student Feedback Using Questionnaires (Revised March 2014).pdf12 Feb 2016117.79 KBDownload
QPA Student Feedback Questionnaire for Module, Lecturer, Practical and Tutorial.doc08 May 201443.50 KBDownload
Student_Feedback_Cover_Sheet.doc05 Aug 201150.00 KBDownload